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Topaz course

Topaz course
Topaz course
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Topaz course
Topaz course
Topaz course
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 * Course of hair loss treatment and hair regrowth:

It consists of a natural serum + natural shampoo.

The serum contains a mixture of 7 Oils, the most important of which are Argan, organic coconut, sesame and Nigella sativa.

Shampoo consists of natural honey and collagen.

Second: natural salt-free shampoo consisting of :

١-natural honey is classified as a natural antioxidant that treats hair loss, stimulates its growth and produces a healthy scalp, and also contributes to strengthening hair follicles. 

٢-collagen: contributes to the treatment of the problem of hair loss, as it has antioxidant properties that in turn work to fight free radicals, which are one of the factors causing damage to hair follicles.

And it helps to reduce white hair, because of its ability to support the structure of hair follicles.

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