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Slim max
Slim max
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Slim max
Slim max
Slim max
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1-kinwali herb is characterized by a strong appetite suppression with no loss of any elements or minerals to the body because it contains fiber.
2-100% natural product . 
3-a safe and effective dietary supplement in suppressing appetite and developing a sense of satiety.
4-it helps to lose weight very quickly even with people who do not have time to exercise.
5-it helps to increase energy levels to do your life and work well without feeling tired and stressed.
6-increase the metabolism in the body, allowing the body to burn more calories.
7-reduces the level of stress. 
8-safe and useful for the body and has no side effects. 
9-reduce cholesterol by 39%. 
 Method of use / one tablet with a large glass of water an hour or half an hour before a meal, three tablets a day
 The pack contains 90 capsules.

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