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The problem of thinness or extreme thinness is no different from the problem of obesity and excess weight, because it may cause health complications later.
♻️ Thinness can be treated by avoiding dependence on therapeutic drugs and their side effects through natural products .
 The most important benefits of the pollen Max fattening product:
1-provides the body with elements and minerals 
2_ maintaining the safety of vital processes
3-preventing anemia
4-build the body naturally
5_ open appetite for weight gain
6_maintain the integrity of the metabolic processes responsible for the utilization of food and improve the digestion and absorption of food
7-feeling comfortable, relaxing and getting rid of the constant feeling of anxiety and stress, which are the most important causes of thinness. 
???? Strengthen the immune system to fight diseases and infections, which are one of the health complications caused by thinness.
Method of use .. 
 1 capsule 3 times a day immediately after a meal

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